12" SINGLES & EP's K-N

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ARTIST TITLE Record Cover Price
K.F. Crazy For Your Love (Praska dub version / first love mix / emotion version), Italian, WW 009 Ex+   £8.00
K.W.S. Rock Your Baby (thumb a ride mix / SOS mix) / A Different Man (buibblegum breakthrough mix) / Total State Of Konfusion (edit - on the brink mix), (wol/sol), p/s, NWKT54 Vg Vg+ £4.00
KALEEF Trials Of Life (Fishead Rmx / Fishead Rmx Instr / WIP rmx / Trials & Error Rmx / 7") Ltd Edition, p/s, UNITY 012T Vg+ Ex £4.00
KALIPHZ Rollin' Wid Da Kleeka / Skufflin Wid Da Pros / Bop Ya Head (funk regulators original / regulators mix) titled sleeve, W/L, KAX DJ2 Ex Ex £3.00
KANE GANG, THE Respect Yourself (R & B mix) / Amusement Park / Respect Yourself (Dutch mix), p/s, SKX 16 Ex Ex £4.00
KANE GANG, THE Brother Brother / We'll Take This Train / Drink, (wol), p/s, SK5 Vg Vg £3.50
KARDEK, CHRISTOPH feat. HANNA HAIS Je Sens (Original mix / dub mix), French, DI2356 Ex   £4.00
KARTOON KREW, THE Inspector Gadget / Inspector Gadget (Dub version), p/s. CHAMP 12-6 Ex Ex £3.00
KASH DA MASTA Get Ya Self Together (jealousy mix / envy mix / dubitall together), p/s, VVBIG 26 Ex Ex £4.00
KAYASHI Furyo (Original mix / Burger Queen remix / Tevendales Tunnel mix / Louis Cyphers Fading Fury mix), 12AD 019 M   £4.50
KAYO Change Of Attitude (Dangerous Liaison mix / After Midnight mix / Radio version) (wol/sol) p/s, 12 BORG 4 Ex Ex- £4.00
KBC BAND America (PROMO), ADP 9556 Ex   £8.00
K-CREATIVE Summer Breeze (extended mix / long vers) / Q.E.D., p/s, TLKX 27 NM NM £4.00
KENNY 'JAMMIN' JASON AND FAST EDDIE SMITH Can U Dance (Noise Boyz remix) / Can You Dance / Bonus Jack, p/s, CHAMPR 12-41 Ex Ex £4.00
KEVIN KITCHEN Fingerprints / Nowhere To Run / Put My Arms Around You, p/s, COKX 3 Ex Ex £4.00
KID 'N PLAY Last Night (club version / dub version) (Netherlands) RHYTHM001 Ex Ex £5.00
KIDSTUFF Do What You Wanna (Classic 80s mullet mix / DJ Tool 1 / DJ Tool 2 / Millenium Mulletizm mix / DJ Tool 3), p/s, LOAD 96 Ex Ex £4.00
KIKITUP It's In Her Kiss (12" extended mix / 7" edit / breakdown mix) PROMO, KIK 1 Ex-   £4.00
KIM WILDE Love Blonde / Love Blonde / Can You Hear It + Poster, UK RAK, p/s, 12RAKS 360 Ex Ex £4.00
KING KOOBA Quorma, p/s. SKIN 001 Ex Ex £3.00
KING KURT Land Of Ring Dang Dooooooo../ Zulu Beat / Horatio / Gather Your Limbs, p/s, KURTX 2 Ex Ex £5.00
KING SOUNDS Reggae Lover / Games People Play, p/s, VZD 001 Ex Ex- £5.50
KING SUN-D MOET Hey Love + radio version + The Music, (sol/wol), MELT 5T Ex   £3.50
KINKY Everybody (original white gal mix / diddy's wrap around plastic mix / tony de vit's trade mix / sharp sherbet mix) p/s, 12FVR 1009 NM Ex £3.50
KINSMAN DAZZ Keep On Rockin' / I Searched Around, TCD 2417 Ex Ex £4.00
KIRSTY MACCOLL Angel / Angel (Apollo 440 remix) / Angel (Jay's edit) / Angel (Stuart Chrichton remix), UK ZTT, picture sleeve, ZANG46T Ex Ex £4.00
KISS AMC My Docs (Amazonian mx) / Come Again (12" mx) / My Docs (Instr), p/s, 12XAMC1 Ex Ex- £4.00
KISS AMC feat. Nik Jackson Circles (orig / 7" vers / flying mix / blind lemons mix), PROMO, p/s, AMYDJ 767 NM Ex £4.00
KNIGHT, BEVERLEY Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda (D'N'D Bounce mix / + D'N'D 4 On Da Floor mix) 12ADJY 6570 New   £5.00
KNOCTURNAL feat. Snoop Dog The Way I Am (explicit version / instrumental / amended version), titled sleeve, USA promo, SAM00938 NM   £4.00
KNUCKLES, FRANKIE feat. ADEVA Too Many Fish (Classic Frankie version / Morales D-max mix / Satoshi's 12" mix / Bobby D's dub) p/s, VUST 89 Vg Ex £4.00
KOJAK Stupid Jack (Busta Funk Extended mix / Troublemen mix / Album version / D.Stabilizers mix) p/s, KOJAK 5 Ex Ex- £3.00
KOLABORATORS Music All Around (Robbie Riviera Main Mix / Robbie Riviera Alternative Mix), 12FGR028R Ex   £4.00
KOOL & THE GANG Straight Ahead / Place For Us, p/s, De-lite Records, DEX 15 NM Ex £4.00
KOOL MOE DEE feat. KRS-ONE and CHUCK D Rise 'N' Shine (long version / short version / instrumental) JIVE T 274 Ex   £4.00
KRAMER AND 75K Blisster / One Step Closer, PROMO, TTR002 Ex   £4.00
KRAZE Let's Play House (The Nordik megatech hardcore mix / bottom 2 top mix / arctic techno mix / nordic beat mix / JM fax mix / parental guidance suggested), p/s, 12KRAZ2 Vg+ Ex £4.00
KRETEK Up To A Higher Level / Afro Remix Year 2293 remix, (Belgian) p/s, DSL 015-1 NM NM £4.00
KRIMINAL feat. O.D.C. Loud 'N' Proud (Kriminal Original mix / Olav Basoski Samplitude mix / Hybrid mix) p/s, IV001T Ex Ex £3.00
KRUST Re-Arrange (die remix / die instrumental) / Proof (B-boy mix) / Transmission, 2 x 12" set, TKDJ69/70 NM Ex+ £10.00
KRYSTAL & SHABBA RANKS Twice My Age / Twice My Age (continued) Version, Greensleeves 1989, co.sleeve, GRED 258 Ex Ex £4.00
KT Knee Deep In Love (extended) / Runaround Sue / The Thought Of You, p/s, 12 SPRIT 1 Ex Ex £3.50
K-Y-ZE Stomp, Move, Jump, Jack Your Body (steeltoe mix / Zanzibar mix / Jackboot mix), p/s, COOLX 194 Ex Ex £4.00
LA BELLE, PATTI Yo Mister (extended version) / I Can Fly / Yo Mister (edit), (wol), p/s, MCAT 1376 Ex Ex £4.00
LAFAYETTE Better Late Than Never (Work dub / Work in Sync mix / Work club / Nice & Stoned Club, (Holland), WORK16 Ex   £4.50
LAFAYETTE Better Late Than Never (nice & stoned club mix), PROMO, (wol), KCT X1006 Ex   £4.50
LAFFY, GERRY Money And The Magic E.P. wol/sol DL 1 Vg Vg £5.00
LAMBRETTAS Decent Town / Total Strangers / Da-a-a-nce / Young Girls, French Rocket Record Co, XPRES 6212 Ex   £5.00
LATIN QUARTER Radio Africa / Voices Inside / Toulouse (Megahertz version), p/s, RHT 102 Ex Ex- £4.00
LATINO CIRCUS In Your Soul (soul mix / deep blue mix / percapella, UH21-20 Ex   £4.50
LAYTON, LINDY Wait For Love (patience mix / patience instr . extended mix) / Keep It Up, p/s, 614 174 Ex Ex £3.50
LBW Soul Limbo '89 / What's Your Name, p/s, UK Mango, 12 MNG 717 Ex Ex £5.00
LEE, TRACEY Go Head (LP version / clean version / instrumental) / The Theme (LP version) / Put Your Hands High (LP version) / Go Head (acappella), UNIR-20064-1 NM   £4.50
LEER, THOMAS Heartbeat ( cardiac mix ) wol/sol LEER 222 Vg Vg £4.00
LEN BARRY 1-2-3 / Like A Baby / I Struck It Rich / It's That Time Of The Year, Ltd Edition MCA EP, 12MCEP 3 Ex- Vg- £3.50
LEROY GIBBON Darling You Send Me / Please Stay (Don't Go), Pioneer Muzik, PM 001 Ex   £5.00
LEVELLERS World Freak Show / Barrel Of The Gun / Three Friends, (French), p/s, 108936 Ex Ex £3.50
LIBERTIES, the Lonely Tonight / I Can't Hide / Straight Down The Highway / Guess I Won't Be Coming Home Tonight, (wol), p/s, CHS 12 3555 Ex- Ex- £5.00
LIBERTY Doin' It (Kool de sac mix / original mix / sleazesisters anthem mix / K-boy's konstruction mix), PROMO, WR5017796P Ex   £4.00
LIBIDO The Second Coming (invisible man mix / top banana mix / Tony de Vit mix / orig. mix, p/s, TOP01F Ex Ex £3.00
LIEBRAND, BEN I Wish (the wishful 12" mix / red zone dub / freestyle club mix), PROMO, XPR 1611 Ex   £4.00
LIES DAMNED LIES Love Among The Ruins (mix no. 6 / single version) / Years Ago (live version) p/s, SRNT 127 Ex Ex £4.00
LIGHT OF THE WORLD Keep The Dream Alive (6:45 / Part 2 5:08 / Groove Buster 5:04) p/s, COOLX 232 Ex Ex £3.50
LIGHTHOUSE FAMILY Run (Phunk Investigation club mix / Phunk Investigation dub mix), PROMO, p/s, RUN2 Ex Ex £4.00
LIGHTS Dare To Dream / The Sky Is Falling / Me & These 3, printed tracing paper inner, p/s, backv2 NM Ex £5.00
LIL' DEVIOUS Come Home (Agent Sumo remix / Dave Clarke remix) Limited edition reverse-playing Dave Clarke remix (MOS) p/s, RULIN16T NM NM £5.00
LIL' JOHNNY I Got You (radio version / instrumental / a capella), USA PROMO, PRO-A-100609 Ex   £4.00
LILAC TIME You've Got To Love (Malvern mix) / Railway Bazaar / Trumpets From Montparnasse, Ltd Ed. With insert, p/s, LILAC 312 NM Ex £4.00
LILAC TIME Return To Yesterday / Rooftrees / Gone For A Burton / Reunion Ball, UK Fontana, p/s, LILAC 212 Ex Ex £4.00
LILAC TIME All For Love And Love For All / Rubovia / Bed Of Roses / Night Mail Dirty Armour, p/s, Fontana, LILAC 812 Ex+ Ex+ £4.00
LINX Intuition / Together We Can Shine, p/s, CHS 12 2500 Ex Ex £3.50
LINX Rise And Shine / I Won't Forget, CHS 12 2480 NM   £4.50
LIONROCK Project Now (Undefinable Modern Music): Call A Cab / Reel & Stepout / Sun Up In The Centre / Obviously Obvious, PROJECT 1 Ex Ex £4.00
LIONROCK Tripwire - Theme From Moral Sense / Prankster's Piha Stomp / Prankster's S'track / Exploding Plastic Reconstruction, Deconstruction Promo, 74321 20470-1DJ Ex Ex £4.00
LIPPS INC / DANIELLE / EVELYN THOMAS / ULTIMATE Hot From The Casbah: Funkytown / Let's Have A Party / Evelyn Thomas Suite / Feel So Fine, Casablanca, CANL 194 Ex Ex £4.00
LIQUID PEOPLE vs SIMPLE MINDS Monster (Monstermental / Kids Stuff Take The Helm / Liquid Metal mix), p/s, DFECT49 Ex- Ex £4.00
LITTLE ANGELS Kicking Up Dust / Kicking Up Dust (live) / Big Bad World (Nashville version) p/s, UK Polydor, LTLX 5 NM Ex £4.00
LITTLE ANGELS Boneyard (7" mix / Extended mix) / Fortunate Son / Sweet Love Sedation, UK Polydor p/s, LTLX 8 NM Ex £4.00
LITTLE ANGELS Kicking Up Dust - The Live EP, 12" Ltd.Edition Picture Disc (no. 2396) in PVC sleeve with insert, LTLXP5 Ex Ex £5.00
LITTLE ANGELS Product Of The Working Class (Hot Seat n Groove mx / Album vers) Revival / Take It Off, Ltd Ed (no.4923) + 6 Postcards, G/fold p/s, LTLXG 9 Ex Ex £6.00
LITTLE ANGELS I Ain't Gonna Cry / Babylon's Burning / Funk 49 / Oh Well, p/s,. German Polydor, 867 311-1 NM Ex £4.00
LITTLE ANGELS Too Much Too Young / First Cut Is The Deepest / Young Gods (Live), G/fold p/s, NM Ex £4.00
LITTLE ANGELS Ten Miles High / Hard Times / Overrated, G/fold pic.sleeve, UK Polydor, LTLX 16 NM NM £4.00
LIVING COLOUR Leave It Alone / 17 Days / Ignorance is Bliss (Live) / Middle Man (Live) 12" Picture Disc with insert, 658976 6 Ex Ex £4.00
LIVING COLOUR Auslander (no'd ltd ed. green vinyl) - dublander mix/7" remix/hi energy mix/radio days mix/crucial mix, die cut sleeve, 659173 6 Ex Ex £4.00
LIVING COLOUR Love Rears Its Ugly Head (soul power mix extended version / soul power mix, hip hop version) / Type (remix), p/s, 656593 6 Ex Ex £4.00
LIVING IN A BOX Room In Your Heart / Mistaken Identity / When Push Comes To Shove, p/s, LIBX7 Vg+ Ex £4.00
LIVING IN A BOX Love Is The Art (Love / Art), (wol), LIBX 4 Ex-   £4.00
LIZZIE TEAR Your Face In My Mind (Pat Pong ghekko blast mix / Tuff Fist mix, co.sleeve, GRRR 10 Ex Ex- £4.00
LIZZY MACK Don't Go (JM Paradise mix / JM Smoove dub / Large Tunes inc. dub / Intercity dub), PROMO, WMCST 2100 NM   £4.50
LL COOL J I'm That Type Of Guy (extended version) / It Get's No Rougher (ext.vers) / Rock The Bells (12" vers.), p/s, Def Jam, LL CJ T3 Ex Ex £5.00
LONDON Summer Of Love / No Time / Friday On My Mind / Siouxie Sue, UK MCA, die-cut card picture sleeve, 12MCA 319 Ex Ex £5.00
LONDON JONES Joi (5 mixes ) MCST 2029 Ex Ex £5.00
LONDONBEAT 9 A.M. (comfort zone) / Talent On The Make / There's An Acid House Going On, p/s, ANX T008 NM Ex £4.00
LOPEZ, JENNIFER (J.LO) Ain't It Funny (Silk's hous mix parts 1 & 2 / Silk's house reprise parts 1 & 2), XPR3482 Ex Ex £4.00
LORD DIAMOND Miss Lorna / Lorna's Version, JADC 0050 Vg   £3.00
LORDS Owzat (LBW mix / No Ball mix) / Wicket Wickets Bonus Breaks, p/s, MERX 329 Ex Ex- £3.50
LORENZA Jerusalem (green and pleasant mix / tyrrell three wise mix) / Paradise Lost, (wol/sol), p/s, ZANG25T Ex Ex £4.00
LOS LOBOS Don't Worry Baby / Will The Wolf Survive / Anselma, p/s, LASHX 4 Ex   £4.00
LOVE RUSH Luv 2 See Ya (Dancin), Spen & Karizma 12" mix / Olav Basoski mix, White Label Test Pressing, printed sleeve & inner, AZNY128R Ex Ex £3.50
LOVES YOUNG NIGHTMARE Let It Roll / How The Mighty Have Fallen / Love Invasion / Blame It On The Innocent, p/s, WLR 1 Ex Ex £4.00
LOVIN' SPOONFUL Daydream / Do You Believe In Magic / Summer In The City / Nashville Cats, Buddah BD 118 Ex   £5.00
LOWFINGER Schoolroom Headrush (DJ Scissorkicks Full Detention Mix) / Superfinger (The Jettsons remix) / Pulling With The Fingers, p/s, ELM062T Ex Ex £4.00
LUSCIOUS JACKSON Naked Eye (Propellerheads mix / totally nude mix / muscle shock remix / album version) p/s, 12CL 786 Ex Ex £4.00
LYNCH Magic Spell (Hocus Pocus mix /Hocus Pocus instrumental / 7" trance) p/s, V-15462 Ex Ex £4.00
M Moonlight And Muzak / Woman Make Man, pic.sleeve, MCAT 541 Ex Ex £4.00
M & S present THE GIRL NEXT DOOR Justify (vocal mix / epic beats / instrumental / epic dub), Italian, YN/d 268 Ex   £5.00
M.C. SEAN & RANDY I Will Survive, medley with Or Maybe Not (massive club mix / acappella / radio edit / forever piano) DJ PROMO, CHAMP 12-245 Ex   £4.00
M.C. SHOWBIZZ & THE LAP 1 CREW Gotta Turn The Music Up (critical core mx / soft-core mx / hardcore mix / hardcore dub) p/s, RUFF 8 Ex Ex £3.50
M.C. UNTOUCHABLE Untouchables Thems (orig.scratch / bing bong mx) / Cold House (ooh ooh mx) / Back Street Blues / Can't Stop The Airplay / Cold House 3D mix) SEX 072 Vg   £4.00
M.N.O. God Of Abraham (rave mix) / God Of Abraham, DJ Promo, p/s, AMYDJ 820 NM Ex £4.00
MACCOLL, KIRSTY Days / Still Life / Happy, p/s, KMAT2 Vg+ Vg+ £3.50
MAD DOGS & ENGLISHMEN Sudden Journey / Sudden Journey (Rhythm assult T S Groove monster remix), LAK003 Vg+ Ex £4.00
MAD SKILLZ Ghostwriter (Clean / Dirty / Instr / Together) /1,2 Theory (Instr) / Together (prod.by Timbaland) Clean / Instr / 1,2 Thory (clean / dirty), p/s, RWK-225 Ex- Ex £4.00
MADONNA Who's That Girl (Extended version) / White Heat, UK Sire, picture sleeve, W 8341(T) Ex Ex £4.00
MADONNA Angel (Extended Dance mix) / Burning Up, UK Sire, picture sleeve, W 8881(T) Ex Ex £4.00
MAFIA, THE Power 900 / Dance Floor Justice, NYPD 1 Ex Ex £4.00
MAIN ATTRACTION Reconsider / Reconsider (dance mix) / Private Spot, PW 14322 Vg+   £4.00
MAINFRAME 5 Minutes / He Said It / Eric's Revenge, p/s, UK Polydor, MAINX 1 NM Ex £4.00
MAINS IGNITION Sparky's Bomb School, 2x12", PPQLP2, Testify/Killinit/Raging Horn / Feeling Freaky/747/Boss Engine/Main Title/Off-Load On The Flange Side/Ping-Pong/In HQ M M £5.00
MAMA RAZZI Show Me Love (vocal mix / needin' U dub), co.sleeve, 12SUSU15P Ex Ex £4.00
MAMMOTH Fatman (Admiral Armour mix) / Political Animal / Fatman (7" version), (wol/sol), p/s, MOTH(T)1 Ex- Ex- £5.00
MANCHILD Rockin' The Place / Let Me Tell You Something, Titled sleeve (bottom corner cut), 177TP12 Ex Ex- £3.00
MANKIND Dr. Who / Time Traveller, Blue Vinyl, UK Motor Records, Picture sleeve has a few light dicolourations marks / light creases, MTR 001/12 Ex Ex- £5.00
MARCH VIOLETS Deep / Eldorado / Electric Shades, UK Rebirth, picture sleeve, VRB 2612 Ex Ex £5.00
MARDEN HILL feat. Andrea Oliver Melt On (Sugar Kane Aqua Plane / Beamish & Fly Melt Down / Cam Dub), p./s, DST 013 Ex Ex £3.00
MARDEN HILL feat. Andrea Oliver Melt On / Melt On (Sugar Kane Aqua Plane / Beamish & Flow Melt Down / Cam Dub), p/s, DST013 Ex- Ex- £3.00
MARILYN You Don't Love Me (dance mix) / Raining Again, p/s, MAZ 312 Ex Ex- £4.00
MARK 'RUFF' RYDER Joy (Electrique Boutique remix / House anthem remix / Mark Ryder pumpin' house remix) p/s, RELENT 9TX Ex Ex £4.00
MARK SPOON & PASCAL F.E.O.S. The City; Bigger & Better (Baby Doc remix / Original mix / Badman remix), co.sleeve, OPI 003 Ex Ex £4.00
MARLY You Never Know, 2 x 12" Promo (morjac ext. mix / kenny hayes vocal remix / flip & fill remix / LMC remix), titled co.sleeve, 12DJGLOBE363 NM Ex- £5.00
MARMION Schöneberg (Marmion remix / Kid Paul remix), Holland, SUPERSTITION 2004-R Vg+ Ex £6.00
MARSHALL B AND THE SELF-DESTRUCTERS Mission Impossible '88, the Ronnie Stone remixes, p/s, 12TALKX 3 Ex Ex £5.00
MARVIN AND TAMARA North, South, East, West (3 Jays mix / 3 Jays club mix / Detroit mix / Northern soul mix) PROMO, XPR3370 Ex Ex £4.00
MARXMAN All About Eve (12" mix / short of time mix / sour mash remix / sour mash dub), p/s, TLKX 35 NM NM £4.00
MARY J BLIGE (duet with K-Ci Hailey I Don't Want To Do Anything (Hip hop radio version / quiet storm version), USA, p/s, UPT12 Ex Ex £8.00
MASTER BUILDERS feat Edson Man Cannot Rise, 2x12" (deep cover mx/stringz 4 ya tings/orig mx/deeper dub/big J mx/sly dub mx/dan tee dub mx/acapella) NNR 034DP Ex+ Ex £5.00
MATT DAREY'S MASH UP feat. Marcella Woods Beautiful (original mix / John Johnson remix) Promo, CENT7TDJ Ex   £4.00
MAURIZIO RUGGIERO presents Lemon Juice EP - Miami Magical Afterhours / Hanging Around, Test Pressing, HS 564 Ex   £3.50
MAXI PRIEST Strollin' On (extended remix / remix / roots mix) / Dancing Mood (original album mix) p/s, TEN 84-12 Ex Ex £3.50
MEAT BEAT MANIFESTO Mindstream (stream of consciousness mix + psychedelically speaking + fire escape version) / Paradise Found, p/s, (Dutch) BIAS 232 Ex Ex £6.00
MEGA BANTON Yuh Enemy (Groove mix / Ragga mix) / Weak - Robert Lee & Danger B / Power Surge - Mafia & Fluxy, MF 047 Ex   £6.00
MEGA BANTON Tatty / Mr. Madden, Black Scorpio Recs, CDBS 72 Ex-   £5.00
MEN THEY COULDN'T HANG, THE Greenback Dollar / The Bells / Night To Remember / Hell Or England, p/s, D1040T Vg+ Ex £4.00
MENTAL AS ANYTHING If You Leave Me Can I Come Too? / He's No Good For You / I'm Glad, (wol), p/s, ANY T5 Vg Vg £4.00
MERZ Many Weathers Apart, XPR 3324 Ex   £3.00
MESSIAH Temple Of Dreams / You're Going Insane / Temple Of Dreams (voxless) p/s, KICK 12 Ex Ex £4.00
METHOD ACTORS, THE Rhythms Of You, 7 track 10" vinyl, Armageddon Records, p/s, AEP 12005 Ex Vg+ £4.00
METHOD MAN feat. Busta Rhymes What's Happenin' (edited / explicit) / Bring The Pain / The Motto, p/s, 9862519 Ex Ex £4.00
METROPOLIS Hold On / Life / Slow Down (Re-Eq's Version) / Just Mellow, (wol/sol/small tear on label), 12 FLEA 12 Vg+   £4.00
METALLICA The Unforgiven / Killing Time / So What / The Unforgiven (demo), UK Vertigo swirl label, picture sleeve, METAL 812 Ex+ Ex £20.00
MG Funky Stuff (vocal mix / dub mix) / Take It Back (vocal mix / Inst. mix), (wol), Rhythm Attack RT 511-4 Ex   £6.00
MIGHTY LEMON DROPS, WESTWORLD, BODINES, WORLD PARTY Free 5 Track E.P., Westworld (Bubble Bo Diddley) / The Bodines (Back Door) / World Party (World Groove) / Might Lemon Drops (Take Me Up / Out Of Hand), promo, die-cut p/s, RM6 Ex Ex £4.00
MIGHTY POWER Ah Coming / Ah Coming (Instrumental), p/s (wos), Charlies Records, CRD 015 Ex Vg+ £8.00
MIGHTY WAH! Come Back (The Story Of The Reds) / The Devil In Miss Jones (ext.) / Come Back (The Return Of The Randy Scouse Git) / From Disco Dicko To A Kid In Care, p/s, BEG 111T NM Ex £4.00
MIKE & THE MECHANICS Word Of Mouth / Let's Pretend It Didn't Happen, g/fold sleeve, VST 1345 Ex- Ex- £4.00
MIKE & THE MECHANICS Nobody's Perfect / Nobody Knows / All I Need Is A Miracle, U7789T Ex-   £4.00
MIKE OLDFIELD Take Four, UK Virgin White Vinyl 12": Portsmouth / In Dulci Jubilo / Wrekorder Wrondo / Sailors Hornpipe, picture sleve, VS 23812 Ex Ex £4.00
MILLER, STEVE (BAND) The Joker (LP version) / Don't Let Nobody Turn You Around / Shu Ba Da Du Ma Ma Ma, p/s, 12CL 583 Ex Ex £5.00
MILLIE SCOTT Automatic (Extended vocal / dub mix / voices only), p/s, 12 BRW 51 Ex Ex £3.00
MILLIONS LIKE US One World (Ideal World) / What You Want Is What You Get / One World (Ideal World) Ideal Home Version, (wol) p/s, YRT 14 Ex Ex £4.00
MIRRORBALL Burnin' (mixes by Stuart & Joe Fandango) p/s, TMULTY56 Ex Ex £4.50
MISSION, THE Never Again (F1 mix) / Beautiful Chaos / Never Again (zero G mix) / Never Again, p/s, MYTH 1212 Ex Ex £4.00
MISSION, THE III - Stay With Me / Blood Brother / Island In A Stream, UK Mercury, picture sleeve, MYTHX1 Ex Ex £4.00
MIS-TEEQ B With Me (Bump & Flex club mix / Original version), titled sleeve, Promo, 12STAS3243RBG1 Ex Ex- £3.00
MIXMASTER, THE Grand Piano / Piano Groove, p/s, BCM 344X Ex Ex £4.00
MOCA feat. DEANNA Higher (Higher level vox mix / Mo & Al's original mix), AZNY120 Ex   £4.00
MOCK TURTLES An Then She Smiles / Calm Before The Storm / Shangri-La, Holland Imaginary Records, pic.sleeve, MIRAGE 015 Ex Ex £4.00
MOLOKO Only The Flipside (aphrodite vocal / Kaust dub), p/s, Promo, ECSDJ 543 Ex Ex £4.00
MONICA DE LUXE Don't Let This Feeling Stop / Soul Inspiration (off the bone) / S.I. (Club) B2 : S.I. (on the bone), ID006T Ex   £4.50
MONICA DE LUXE Take Control / Love On My Mind (Whistle mix), p/s, CTT 36 Ex Ex £4.00
MONK AND CANATELLA Son 4.5.98 (PROMO), AWVO1384 Ex   £4.00
MONTY M.C.s Holday Rap With A Capital C / Monty Says Don't Scratch That B Side / dub mix, p/s, DEBTX 3011 Ex Ex £4.00
MOODSWINGS 100% Total Success / Problem Solved (way beyond dub) W/Label PROMO, FRED 002 Ex-   £4.00
MOONCHILD Progressive Domination (Moonchild's 2001 remix / Moonchild's 2001 dub), HEAT028 Ex   £4.00
MOORE, GARY Too Tired / Too Tired (live feat. Albert Collins) / Texas Strut, (wol/sol), p/s, VST 1306 Vg+ Vg+ £4.50
MOORE, GARY & FRIENDS Nuclear Attack / Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood / Run To Your Mama, Co. sleeve, JET 12016 Ex Ex £5.00
MOORE, GARY & PHIL LYNOTT Out In The Fields / Military Man / Still In Love With You, p/s, TEN 49-12 Ex Ex £5.00
MOORE, LEE Reachin' Out For Your Love SRC 100 Vg   £4.00
MOORE, MELBA Keepin' My Lover Satisfied + instrumental, (wol), 12CL 317 Ex   £4.00
MORE TEA VICAR More Tea Vicar? / Change / Hypnotique / Infatuation, WUB 001 Ex   £4.00
MOREL'S GROOVING AGAIN PT 3 I Can't Get Enough (groove vocal mix / instrumental drive mix, p/s, SUB78T Ex Ex £4.00
MORPHONIC Sandae (Original m9ix / Ariel remix), Catch23.2000 Ex-   £4.00
MORRISON, JUNIE Techno Freqs (+ short version) / T-Freqan (dub), p/s, PRO 404 Ex Ex £4.00
MORRISSEY The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get / Used To Be A Sweet Boy / I’d Love To, UK Parlophone black labels with yellow Parlophone logo, stickered pic. Sleeve ‘Limited Edition Numbered 12” with Free Poster’ Ltd. Ed. no. 2917, includes poster, 12R 6372 NM Ex £25.00
MORRISSEY Our Frank / Journalists Who Lie / Tony The Pony, UK His Masters Voice, original black poly-lined inner sleeve, picture sleeve has some light discolouration spots, 12POP 1625 NM Ex £12.00
MOTHERS Miracle Man / Drag Racer / Radio Acapulco, with 'The Daily Mother' Newspaper, Elektra, EKR 119T Ex   £5.00
MOTOWN PRESENTS THE FUTURE OF SOUL VOL.1 La La, Always / Colin England, I Need Your Love (remix with break vocal) / Louis Price, Flesh & Blood (soul mix) / Dee Harvey, Leave Well Enough Along (extended version), p/s, ZT 45050 Ex Ex £4.00
MR BIG MOUSE Drop That Ghetto Blaster (club mix) / Duck The Mouse (ascorbic acid mix) / I Just Wanna Scare You (yuppie dub) / Drop That Ghetto Blaster (radio vers), (Belgium), p/s, 12SSR90 Ex Ex £4.00
MR CHARLIE Simply Everyone's Taking…(Orignal 2 Step mix / Disco mix) CHARL001 Ex   £3.00
MR MONEY M and STOKEKILLA, A.K.A. THE GUCCI MOB Born To Funk (vocal / instrumental), GUCCILOOP#1 Ex   £4.00
MURDOCK, SHIRLEY Truth Or Dare (remix) / Go On Without You / Truth Or Dare, (wol), p/s, EKR 36(T) Ex Vg £4.00
MUSIC LOVERS, THE A House Without A Roof + radio mix / Until The Bus Leaves For Robert, (wol), Ex-   £4.50
MUSIQUE Vs U2 New Years Dub (original 12" mix / Mauro Picotto club mix / Hybrid remix), p/s, SERR030T1 Vg Vg+ £3.50
MUSTAFA featuring Natalia Circles, (the master mix / Pete Heller deep mix / original sinners remix), GOBX19 Ex   £4.00
MUTE DRIVERS Brand New Love Affair / It All Comes Down / Impossibilities, UK Irridated / Rough Trade, picture sleeve, 12RAD2 Ex Ex £4.00
MUTHA HOOD feat. T.M.O. Tear The Roof Off ..., One sided vinyl PROMO, DRX 512 Vg   £3.00
MUTHA'S DAY OUT Locked, single sided vinyl 10" Promo, Ltd Edition, numbered 10" die-cut sleeve No. 145, 10CHSDJ 5007 Ex Ex £4.50
MUTINY Secrets (10° below vocal mix / Zero absolüt dub), VCRTX86 Ex   £4.00
MY JEALOUS GOD Pray / Just Like Mine / What You Want (edit) / Pray (beats), p/s, RTT 238 Ex   £4.00
MY LITTLE FUNHOUSE Wishing Well (LP version) / Catholic Boy (LP version) / When She Cries, (sol/wol), p/s, GFST 48 Ex Ex £5.00
MYA Case of The Ex / Case Of The Ex (omo 2-step mix / sovereign remix), p/s, 497 4771 Ex Ex £4.00
MYA Movin' On (Album version / University mix radio edit 1 feat. raekwon & noreaga / feat. Silkk the Shocker / University mix dirty version feat. raekwon & noreaga), PROMO, p/s, WINT95622 M Ex £4.00
MYKILA Smile For A Brighter Day (Bishop Brad radio mix / Bishop Brad full mix / Linslee mix) SOUTH1201 NM   £4.00
N.Y. ALLIANCE Killa Beat / Ronald Ray-Gun, UK Sugarcube, SUG 961203 Ex   £3.00
NAKED TRUTH Read This EP: Read Between The Lines / Downtown / Fight, p/s & pic.inner, 658429 6 NM Ex £4.00
NAPSTAR / A.C. BURRELL Pure Silk In Ayia Napa, Ltd Ed.sampler, Ayia Napa Anthem / Love Come Down, titled sleeve, PSRANLPA NM Ex £4.00
NATURAL LIFE Strange World (extended mix) / Deb n' Duff (MDL extended), Promo, NLife2T Ex   £4.00
NELLY #1 (Album version / Instrumental / Instrumental with chorus / radio version) PROMO, from Training Day Soundtrack, p/s, PTY9DJ046 Ex Ex £6.00
NELLY Training Day the soundtrack 5 mixes ( PROMO ) SPRO 81593 Vg+   £5.00
NEVILLE MORRISON If I Didn't Love You / Babylon System / Dub The System (The Mule), FAD 150 Ex   £4.00
NEW FAST AUTOMATIC DAFFODILS It's Not What You Know / Head On / Beatlemania / Beautiful, p/s, Holland PIAS, BIAS 219 NM NM £4.00
NEW ORDER Thieves Like Us / Lonesome Tonight, UK Factory Records, picture sleeve, FAC 103 Ex Ex £8.00
NEWMAN, RANDY It's Money That Matters (LP) / Roll With The Punches (LP) / Short People (LP), UK Reprise, p/s, W7709(T) Ex Ex £4.00
NICK SKITZ Gimme More (club mix) / Excalibur 2001 (Skitz club mix) 12" Ltd Ed. Picture Disc, 12AATWDINK6 Ex Ex £4.00
NIGHT TRAINS Hold Out EP JAZID 96t New New £5.00
NIGHTCLUBBING High Maintenance Girl (Original / Spectrum Is Green Remix), FH12032 Ex   £4.00
NILON BOMBERS Superstar / Baby I Love You (Demo) / Violence Is Blue, W/L Promo, Titled sleeve, 12 ALMOS022PR Ex Ex £3.00
NINE O NINE La Isla Bonita Rap, (n/s), NINE 7 Ex   £4.00
NOEL MCKOY / BLACK PEOPLE Germ Free Adolescent (Smugg Bros Gums Remix / Album Cut / No Noel) / Cut-Throat (Lol hammond remix / album cut / bonus vox breaks) Titled sleeve, GGUMS12002 Ex Ex £4.00
NORMA JEAN Saturday (remix) / This Is The Love, UK Bearsville, titled sleeve, LV 13 Ex Ex £4.00
NUANCE feat. Vikki Love Loveride / Loveride (dubride), co.sleeve, 12 BRW 20 Ex Ex £3.50
NYACK Pattern Errors: 6 Minus 23 / 00 Returns / Baloo Gus 2 / K The Drummer / Leaf Pitching / Lqirup-Domr, ON 103 Ex Ex- £5.00
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