12" SINGLES & EP's S-T

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S.O.S. BAND Borrowed Love (extended version / acapella) / Do You Still Want To, p/s, TA 7241 Ex- Ex £4.00
SADE Your Love Is King / Smooth Operator / Sname Bite / Love Affair With Life, p/s, TA4137 Vg+ Vg+ £4.00
SAINTE-MARIE, BUFFY The Big Ones Get Away / I'm Going Home / Controlosophy (Instrumental), (wol/sol), p/s, ENYX 650 Ex Vg+ £6.00
SANTA CRUZ Heaven Only Knows / Octopus / Horse, 10" vinyl, p/s, MCSV 40125 Ex Ex £3.00
SANTA CRUZ 30 Degrees Below / Mekon Remix / March On Mars Dub, 10" Vinyl, p/s, MSCV 40105 Ex Ex £3.00
SARAH JANE MORRIS Can't Get To Sleep Without You (album vers) / The Rains Have Failed Again / Can't Get To Sleep Without You (7" vers), p/s, SJM T1 NM Ex £4.00
SARAH WASHINGTON Heaven, 2 x 12" Promo, Serial Diva / Fathers of Sound / Jazz N Groove mixes, titled co.sleeve, AMPMDJ 37 Ex Vg+ £6.00
SARAH WASHINGTON Heaven (Jazz n groove soulfuric vocal / jazz n groove dub / jazz n groove soulfuric dub / Fathers of sound Sunday night dub) p/s, 581 535-1 Ex Ex £3.00
SAXON Power And The Glory / See The Light Shining (Live)/ Denim And Leather (Live), p/s, SAXONT1 Ex Ex- £4.00
SCOTTY Miss Wire Waist, White Label Promo, CRT:66 Vg   £6.00
SEAN PAUL Ever Blazin' / Ever Blazin' (Instr) / Get With It Girl / Feel Alright, EU Atlantic, AT0227T NM Ex £5.00
SELENA vs X. MEN Give It Up (X.Men vocal / Chunky remix / Matt Jam Lamont & DJ Face remix), Titled co.sleeve, SEX3 Ex Ex £3.00
SELENA Vs X. MEN Give It Up (XMen vocal / Chunky rmx / Matt Jam Lamont & DJ Face rmx), Titled co.sleeve, SEX3 NM Ex £3.50
SEPULTURA Refuse / Resist – Inside Nature – Propaganda, marbled purple vinyl 12”, Europe Roadrunner Records, die-cut picture sleeve plus folded insert advertising Sepultra Chaos A.D. Limited Embossed Tin, RR 2377-8 Ex Ex £18.00
SHAKA DEMUS Jump Up (workie-workie) / Version, (Penthouse Records) PH 12 Ex-   £5.50
SHAKER Strong To Survive (namedroppers delight mix) / Snog, UBR005 Ex-   £4.00
SHANE C'est Musique (Armin Van Buuren remix / original mix), INCT5LP Ex- Ex £7.50
SHANKS & BIGFOOT Trust In Me (Shanks & Bigfoot 12" mix / Danja -Mouse Remix / Wideboys Remix) PROMO, titled sleeve CLN005 Ex Ex £4.50
SHARPE & NUMAN New Thing From London Town / Time To Die, 12" Picture Disc, clear PVC sleeve, NUMP 19 NM   £4.00
SHARPE & NUMAN New Thing From London Town / Time To Die, p/s, NUM 19 NM NM £4.00
SHED SEVEN Mark / Casino Girl / Mobile 10, Promo, YORK X1DJ Ex   £4.00
SHIRLEY JAMES & DANNY RAY Right Time Of The Night / Got To Be True, clear vinyl, BJ12" 012 Ex   £5.00
SHOCK CORRIDOR Parallax (in lunar C) / T5:6 (Hennard edit) / Digital Beam Transport (Autonomix) / Rivers Edge (ebbtide edit), p/s, (Italian), Minus Habens, MHR014 Ex Ex £4.00
SIMPLE MINDS LIVE 10" Promised You A Miracle / Book Of Brilliant Things, ltd edition 10" vinyl with poster, p/s, SM2 10 Vg+ Ex- £4.50
SIMPLY SMOOTH Lady (You Bring Me Up) 2x12" Promo, 8 mixes by Lady Zoo Steve Silk Hurly, Kelly G, London Connection, Bishop for Blacksmith, P BBANG 07/08 NM   £5.00
SIN WITH SEBASTIAN Shut Up (And sleep with me) George Morel's club mx / gym shower mx / Ian Levine mx, p/s, 74321 29155-1 NM Ex £3.00
SINATRA'S, THE Sweat / Passion Is The Key / Big Fires Start Small, Empire Records, HAM 4T Vg+   £4.00
SINITTA Cruising (remix) / So Macho, Sticker Titled sleeve, 12 FAN 7 Ex Ex £4.00
SIR ANTON OBE, II REAL, D. DAY Underground Network E.P. - The Rattle / The Rattle (overtime mix) / Chicken Soup Song / King Of Kings Ex   £4.50
SISENSI Very Nice Country / Heaven 4 am / Witches Brew (dr liquids special dub), sticker titled sleeve, Seed 2 Ex Ex £3.00
SISENSI Hey Boy / Hey Boy (Wild & free dub), Mind Your Head Records, sticker titled sleeve, Seed 1 Ex Ex £3.50
SISTERS OF MERCY Doctor Jeep / Knocking On Heaven’s Door (Live Bootleg Recording), UK Merciful Release, picture sleeve, MR51T Ex Ex £7.00
SIXTY BROWN So Happy (main mix / Summer in the city mix), SMM0001 Ex   £3.00
S-J I Feel Divine (Tall Paul Mix / Dem 2 remix / Steve Thomas Tradetubbies mix) co.sleeve, 12 REACT 113 Ex Ex £4.00
SKIN The Skin Up EP: Look But Don't Touch / Shine Your Light / Monkey, giant Posterbag sleeve with sticker, 12RP 6363 NM Ex £7.00
SKIN Tower Of Strength (album vers) / Money (live) / Shine Your Light (live) / Colourblind (live), G/fold p/s, 12RG 6387 NM NM £5.00
SKIN Look But Don't Touch EP, 12" Picture Disc with large fold-out Poster in clear PVC g/fold. 12R 6391 Ex Ex £4.50
SKIN House Of Love / Good Good Lovin' / This Planet's On Fire / Take It Easy, G/fold p/s, UK Parlophone, 12RG 6374 NM Ex £5.00
SLAM SLAM feat. Dee C Lee Something Ain't Right (D beat slammin mix / urban mix) / Free Your Feelings, p/s, MCAX 1444 Ex Ex £4.00
SLOWDIVE 5EP: In Mind / Good Day Sunshine / Missing You / Country Rain, UK Creation, p/s, CRE 157T Ex Ex- £15.00
SMILEY CULTURE Police Officer (Extended dub mix) / Shan A Shan (Extended dub mix), UK Fashion Records, picture sleeve, FAD 026 Ex Ex £4.00
SMITH, KAREN Paradise / Paradise / Oh Me Oh My (+ version) (wol) 12 MNG 728 Vg+   £3.50
SMOKIN BEATS Smokin Beats Volume 5: Deep House Music (Work it) / The Flow / Feel The Rhythm, Havin Fun (slight warp plays fine), p/s, SMB019 Ex- Ex £4.00
SNAP Do You See The Light (looking for) 12" / dance trance mix / deep ethno dub, p/s, 74321 14762-1 Ex Ex £4.00
SNAP The Power - Maxi / single vers / dub, Picture Sleeve, UK Arista, 613 133 Ex Ex £4.00
SNIPER Dirty Harry / Unorthodox Paradox / Dragstep (Sniper's Waxwork Mix), p/s, NANG07T NM Ex £3.50
SOFT CELL Where The Heart Is / It's A Mugs Game, UK Some Bizzare, p/s, BZS 1612 Ex Ex £4.00
SOHO Hippychick (Steve Proctor mix + The Boilerhouse Mix), RR 12SAV 106 Ex   £4.00
SONIC SURFERS feat. Jocelyn Brown Take Me Up (midnight mix / extended mix / DJ mix), DJ Promo, p/s, AMYDJ 210 Ex+ NM £4.00
SONIC YOUTH The Dirty Boots EP, plus 5 Live Tracks, UK David Geffen Company, 33.1/3 rpm 6 track 12”, picture sleeve, dgc 21634 NM Ex+ £14.00
SONIC-YOUTH Kill Yr. Idols, 5 Track German Zensor 1983, ZENSOR 10 Ex- Vg+ £30.00
SONIE Don't Stop / Version, CB008 Ex   £4.00
SONIQUE Let Me Hold You (Extended version / Instrumental), sticker titled sleeve, COOLX 114 Ex Vg £4.00
SONRISA Grooving Me (Splash it like champagne mix / Back of the throat mix) Ltd Ed. Promo, PPDT 56 Ex   £4.00
SOPHIE GEORGE B/W WINNER ALL STARS Girlie Girlie / Girl Rush, WIN/T01 Ex   £4.00
SOUL FAMILY SENSATION Perfect Life (orinoco flow mix / chuck new mix) / 747 (unhappy valley mix / full sun. afternoon greyhound circle mix) PROMO, 67TP12 Ex   £3.00
SOULEDZ feat. KENNY THOMAS You Can't Hide Your Love (orig. vocal mix / remix / original dub mix) co.sleeve, 12SUSU19P NM NM £4.00
SOUND ASSOCIATES feat. Black Latin Descendant Elvis Was A Sucker (Jaeger mix / Micks mix) Promo, co. sleeve, PT 44892DJ Ex Ex- £4.00
SOUTHERNAIRES, THE Cry / Deeds Not Words / Two Way Teasing / Cry (Acoustic), DJ PROMO (B side has some marbling), GOXDJ 49 Ex-   £5.00
SPACE TRAX Vol. 3: Deduction (string mix / club mix) / Sweep On Both Channels / Your Turn, W/Label Promo, STR 017 Ex   £3.50
SPANDAU BALLET I Don't need this pressure on), p/s, CHS 12 2528 Ex Ex £4.00
SPARKS Tips For Teens / Don't Shoot Me, p/s, WHYT 1 Ex Vg+ £4.00
SPECIAL AKA War Crimes (The Crime Is Still The Same) / Version, 10" vinyl, p/s, CHT TT 10 23 Ex Ex- £7.00
SPECIAL ED Club Scene (Ed's diner mix / Ed's special mix), p/s, PROFT 265 Ex+ Ex £4.00
SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION # 1 Dee Jay / Goody Goody / You Know How Good It Is / # 1 Dee Jay (instrumental) / Goody Goody (a montana mix), LV3 Ex   £5.00
SPIDER, THE Help / Help (Eon's black widow vers) / Help (J Saul Kane dub), all blind vinyl etchings, STORM 41 Ex   £4.00
STARS ON 45 Stars On 45: 22 Track Medley / Stars On 45, Maxi Disco Single, 151.028 Ex Ex £4.00
STATESIDE HOMBRES Mary Mary (Stateside Hs main mx / Retro freaks mx) / Pheonix City / Mary Mary (Weitzhouse rmx) Promo 12 CONDJ21P Ex   £4.00
STEADY B Pay Me Baby (drum & bass 12" / drum & bass 7" / album vers) p/s, JIVE T 272 Ex Ex £3.50
STEPHEN TIN TIN DUFFY Icing On The Cake (7:40 / 3:50) / Broken Home, UK 10 Records, p/s, TIN 3-12 Ex Ex £4.00
STEVE HARLEY & COCKNEY REBEL Sebastian / Ballerina (Prima Donna), UK RCA/Stiletto, p/s, STLT 14 Ex Ex £5.00
STEX Still Feel The Rain (grid mix / instrumental) / Moses, p/s, SBZ12 002 Ex- Ex £4.00
STRANGLERS No Mercy (cement mix) / In One Door / Hot Club (instrumental), pic.sleeve, TA 4921 Ex Ex £4.00
STRANGLERS No Mercy (cement mix) / In One Door / Hot Club (instrumental), p/s, TA 4921 Ex Ex £4.00
STRAYLIGHT Lite Magic / SPL, titled co.sleeve, OPENT028 Ex+ Ex+ £4.00
STYLER (Rudi Grant) Stand By Me / Jamaican Child, Seara Records, titled sleeve, SEA 10 Ex- Ex £6.00
SUBSOLA So Pure (Paul gotel & rob davis remix / david H radio edit / david H orig.mix / pure seduction mix) Promo, DJPOW 003 Ex Ex £4.00
SUGABABES Too Lost In You (Kujay Da Da's Bass Shaker Mix / Kujay Da Da's Dub Shaker Mix), p/s (seam-split to bottom edge), 12SUGAX8 Ex Vg £3.50
SUGAR MINOTT Good Thing Going (We've Got A Good Thing Going) / Bad Things (Session In Session), UK RCA Victor, RCAT 58 Vg+   £4.00
SUGARFREAK FEAT. DIVA Music Change My Life (Lys vocal mix / Angeless club mix), WL PROMO, HD002, new and sealed New   £4.00
SUGARHILL GANG Bad News / Rapper's Reprise (Jam Jam), UK Sugarhill, titled sleeve, SHL 103 Vg+ Vg £4.00
SUMMER BREEZE Cool In The Shade, White Label PROMO, OPT12 002 Ex   £3.00
SUNSHIP Heaven (Sunship smoove step / Superhoop mix / old soul boy dub), FILT 030 Vg+   £3.00
SUNSHOT Spacetribe Audition: Playtime / Loose My Grip (clubmix) / Big Mistake (clubmix), p/s, DVAT 006 NM Ex+ £4.50
SUREAL Always On My Mind (Mario Piu mix / Jan Driver remix) Promo, 12AMPMXDJ 146` Ex+   £4.00
SWANS WAY Soul Train / Summertime / Gloomy Sunday, p/s, EXT 312 NM Ex £4.00
SWAY Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart) / Hands Up (mixo internationale) / Hands Up (7" mix) p/s, German Virgin, 609 810 NM NM £4.00
SWEET BOX Everything's Gonna Be Alright (Promo), handbaggers mild cigar mix / most wanteds out of air mix / most wanted g-string mix / radio vers, SWEET001 NM Ex- £4.00
SWEET TRAX The Falcon, 4.08 / The Falcon (magic remix) 4.24, 917 091-1 Ex   £5.00
SYBIL Don't Make Me Over / Don't Make Me Over (3.29 mix / dub mix) p/s, CHAMP 12-213 Ex Ex £3.50
SYBIL Still A Thrill (sharp vocal / sharp dtpm dub) PROMO, titled sleeve, COLA 007TJX NM NM £3.00
SYSTEM 7 Habibi (another world mix) / Miracle / Habibi (7" edit), p/s, TENX 385 Ex Ex £4.00
T.D.C. Keep Groovin (The Oh Oh mix / Funky mix / Funky dub), p/s, VVBIGN 23 Ex Ex- £3.50
TAYLOR, TYRONE Come To Me / Come To Me Version, Londisc Records, co.sleeve, LD 006 Ex Ex- £8.00
TEAM SCORCHIN' presents WILLERBY Cliffdiving (shallow water / deep water), SCORCHIN 001 Ex   £5.00
TEAM, THE Wicki Wacky House Party (funk succula van helmsink homicide mx / orig.12" vers / dub vers) p/s, 12EMIX 5519 Ex Ex £4.00
TELLA, SYLVIA He's My Baby + Ruff Cut Mix, (wol), BOS 002 Ex   £4.00
TEN 4 Flava (Code blue vocal mix / Mr blue jazzy 2 step mix / Code blue dub / R&B mix), titled sleeve, 12RROSE 010 Ex+ Ex £4.00
TERRORVISION Middleman / Surrender / The Passenger, Ltd. Edition, Copper vinyl & copper metallic sleeve with Poster, 12VEGAS 7 NM Ex £6.00
TERRORVISION Alice What's The Matter (Oh Junkie J mix) / Suffocation / Alice What's The Matter (Psycho bitch from hell mix / All carmen on the western front) p/s + Poster, 12VEGAS 9 NM NM £6.00
TERRORVISION American TV / Don’t Shoot My Dog Again / Killing Time, p/s + Poster, 12VEGAS 3 NM Ex £6.00
TERRORVISION Oblivion / The Model / Remember Zelda / Problem Solved, p/s, 12VEGAS 6 Ex Ex £5.00
THE 4 OF US Mary / I've Got A Job / One Strong Hammer, p/s, FOUR T3 NM Ex £4.00
THE BEATMASTERS feat THE COOKIE CREW Rok Da House ( demolition mix ) LEFT S11T Ex Ex £4.00
THE LILAC TIME All For Love And Love For All LILAC 812 Vg Vg £4.50
THE MIXES 133, Various Artists The Mixes 133: Diana Ross / Rave Generation / M-People / Big Tease (Chaka Demus) / Chansons D'amour, titled sleeve, DMC133 Ex- Vg £15.00
THE SOUND MARINES feat JULIE HARRINGTON Something Wild wol/sol PT 43608 Ex Vg £5.00
THE TRAVELLER & IN MOTION Believe (original mix / Wookiee SLVT remix, p/s, FAM12002 Ex   £4.00
THE UNRELEASED PROJECTS EP VOL.1, Various Artists The Unreleased Projects EP Vol.1, 2x12" X-Pact, Saycon Soiri / Terry Lee Brown Silvio Ecomo, Hooj Tunes, HOOJ 69 Ex Ex £5.00
THEE MADDKATT COURTSHIP Strobe (Robbie Rivera's Banging mix / Robbie Rivera Strobematic mix), Limited edition, p/s, MKCP001 Ex Ex £4.00
THEM! INC feat MC Valentino Bustin' A Rhyme (Remix) / Bustin' A Beat (Remix), Promo, 12RXDJ 6262 Ex-   £4.00
THIN WHITE ROPE Red Sun / Town Without Pity / The Man With The Golden Gun . They're Hanging Me Tonight / Some Velvet Morning / Red Sun (original), p/s, VEX 8 NM Ex £8.00
THIS WAY UP Tell Me Why (extended vers / original) / Move On Up To Heaven, p/s, VS 954 12 Ex Ex £3.00
THOMAS AND TAYLOR Freedom, p/s, (club mix), TT 1029 Ex Ex £3.00
TIGERTAILZ Love Bomb Baby / For A Few Dollarz More (live) / Shez Too Hot (live), p/s, 12KUT 132 Ex Ex £4.50
TLC Silly Ho! (2 Step remix) Single Sided Vinyl, Ltd Pressing (of 500), HO2 Ex-   £3.00
TOKYO GHETTO PUSSY Everybody On The Floor (Pump It) - Luvdup in Osaka mix / Luvdup in Tokyo mix / Sure is pure in Tokyo mix / Sure is pure in Osaka mix), p/s, 661113 6 M M £4.00
TOM TOM CLUB Under The Boardwalk (long version) / On, On, On, On (remixed version) / Lorelei (remixed version), p/s, WIP 6762 Ex- NM £4.00
TONI STYLEZ / LADY NI / MISS S. / AMOYE Maybe (vocal cut) / Possibly (feat.Cutty Ranks) / Hero (Lady Ni) / Future Of Reggae Music (feat.Amoye) / Now I Know (Miss S) NRI-010 Ex Ex £5.00
TOTAL Kissin' You feat. 'no one else' (album vers / oh honey / radio edit / puff daddy remix) p/s, Arista 74321 40417 1 Ex   £4.00
TRANSPORT Wired (Stonk remix / Warlock remix / Orson W. remix / Stone Factory remix, TRANSPORT 003 Vg   £6.00
TRANSVISION VAMP Sister Moon (Groove On) / Walk On By / Sex Kick (Ciao Portobello) / Oh Yeah, Promo, WTVVT 5 Ex   £3.50
TRAVIS Happy To Hang Around / Peace The Fuck Out / Somewhere Else / The Beautiful Occupation, Promo, 12MPRO Ex   £4.00
TRICKY DISCO Disco 130 (Sonic Future vers) / Disco 130 (sonic assalt vers) / Disco 128 (sonic trance vers) Promo, RUMAX 39 Vg+   £4.00
TRIFFIDS A Trick Of The Light / Love The Fever / Bad News Always Reminds Me Of You, 10" vinyl, UK Island, p/s, 10 IS 350 Ex Ex £4.00
TRUE STEPPERS feat. Brian Harvey & Donell Jones True Step Tonight (x-mens vs 10° below dub / 12" original / zeo absolut vocal mix), p/s, 743218 11311 Ex Ex £4.00
T-WAN Lies And Alibis (Club mix, by Gene King) / Spiritual mix, by Carl E / Radio Mix / Penthouse 11 mix / Gene's Groove, (sol/wol), OTM1004 Ex   £5.00
TWISTA Slow Jamz (Explicit / Edited / Instr) / Badunkadunk (Explicit / Edited / Instr), titled sleeve, 0-88288 NM NM £3.00
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